Our Services Economic analysis


Our economic analysts will apply methods, tools and analysis to deliver valuable insights into government policy and private sector initiatives.

Governments are wary of policy changes or supporting private sector initiatives without robust analysis and assurance that they are in the public interest and represent a sound allocation of scarce resources.

Policy and project proposals, particularly complex ones that impact multiple stakeholders, are subject to intense scrutiny, especially from agencies such as Commonwealth, State and Territory treasuries and regulators.

Economic analysis – the systematic application of economic reasoning and techniques to real world problems and issues – is a core competency of ACIL Allen Consulting. Our economic analyses and the advice that flow from that analyses are rigorous and disciplined, and capable of withstanding the most robust review.

We provide independent analysis of the commercial, economic and social implications of major projects, programs and policy changes to public- and private-sector clients across a wide range of industries.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

ACIL Allen Consulting uses a variety of economic tools and quantitative methods, which enable us to:

  • recognise data trends and patterns as well as their implications
  • provide economic forecasting and scenario analysis
  • undertake benefit-cost analyses of projects, programs and policies, including analysing the distribution of costs and benefits
  • examine regional and cross-sectoral implications of projects, programs and policies
  • estimate economically efficient prices in non market settings, such as health, education and justice.

Our clients include the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia, the Australian Energy Market Commission, Engineers Australia, eBay, Transport for NSW, the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries, the Department of Health and Ageing and the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation.

For further information about economic analysis, please contact Yuan Chou