Over the past two decades, successive governments have initiated major reforms to Australia’s early childhood education, school and training systems to increase levels of educational participation and attainment. These reforms have been designed to boost Australia’s productivity and workforce participation levels and to address social and inter-generational disadvantage. They have required major reforms to education systems, services, schools and institutions.

ACIL Allen has contributed significantly to these reforms and advised governments, systems and organisations on practical and effective approaches to the opportunities and challenges presented.

How ACIL Allen can help you

We have a long involvement in education policy issues. We combine deep expertise in early childhood, school, and tertiary education and training with economic, market dynamics, modelling and evaluation capabilities. At ACIL Allen, we:

  • evaluation - conduct policy and program evaluation
  • forecasting - undertake market and demand analysis
  • skills development - examine workforces and advise on workforce strategy
  • performance - conduct system, sector and organisational reviews
  • regulation - review policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks
  • governance - review governance at place and organisational levels
  • funding - develop and advise on strategic approaches to funding and resourcing
  • demand modelling - analyse labour market and demographic information for demand assessments
  • strategy  - undertake and facilitate strategic planning