Sectors Agribusiness

Agricultural economics and agribusiness consultants providing economic, policy and strategy advice for the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors.

Over the past two decades, ACIL Allen Consulting's agribusiness consultants have worked at the forefront of agribusiness issues in Australia. Our consultants regularly interact closely with senior decision-makers in agriculture in Australia.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

ACIL Allen Consulting has worked with most major agribusiness corporations, industry bodies and government departments. That experience has given ACIL Allen Consulting an unrivalled understanding of the operations of agricultural and related markets within Australia and globally.

ACIL Allen Consulting has provided analysis on agricultural supply, marketing, policy, and international competitiveness. We are active in aspects of competition policy, grain marketing and alternative investment frameworks, finance models and capital markets. We recently completed an analysis of Australia’s comparative advantage in agriculture and are currently undertaking a review of the NSW Farm Innovation Fund.

ACIL Allen Consulting Agribusiness has reviewed and assisted in developing numerous rural R&D strategies, organisations and systems. We recently reviewed Horticulture Australia Limited and the horticultural levy system that led to establishment of Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited to deliver greater value to growers.

We have also reviewed the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework, developed a five year strategy for Agriculture NSW, created a portfolio assessment tool for Meat & Livestock Australia and assisted with establishing the Cotton Innovation Network.

ACIL Allen Consulting has also conducted numerous reviews of the general rural outlook, specific industries, program evaluations and investment appraisals.

For further information about agribusiness, please contact JP van Moort