Policy analysis and development consultants

Development, review and analysis of public policy may be deeply conflicted between the world view of the observer and the actual policy outcomes sought.

Policy review requires the examination and understanding of the many inherent tensions between managing and harnessing limited resources, meeting pressing needs - especially for those that are disadvantaged - and solving longstanding problems.

Policy development is an intricate process usually requiring complex efficiency and equity trade-offs to find solutions that are both pragmatic and workable.

Government agencies responsible for policies and programs and service providers that are often called upon to help implement policies have major roles in the policy development process.

Stakeholders whose different interests may need to be considered include individuals, families, communities and corporations; all of which may be affected in various ways by the development of specific policies. Increasingly the development of policy includes intergenerational considerations.

Policy analysis and development also requires an appreciation of broader social and economic concerns including:

  • the current state of the economy and the environment
  • demographic and social trends
  • the competitive structure of the economy and its constituent industries
  • technological change and information management.

A range of techniques can be used to understand stakeholder perspectives, including market knowledge, surveys, targeted interviews, and analysis informed by sound economics and data. Policy analysis may also involve research to understand different jurisdictions nationally or internationally, academic studies or work by multilateral bodies such as the OECD.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

ACIL Allen Consulting has extensive experience in many areas of policy review,  analysis and development.

We apply a range of analytical approaches, including data analysis and modelling, program evaluation, logic modelling, surveys and stakeholder consultation.

Grounded in theoretical principles of economics and sound public policy, ACIL Allen Consulting can:

  • design policies so as to achieve intended outcomes and avoid unintended outcomes
  • develop policy frameworks
  • assess the trade-offs between different ways of achieving policy goals
  • identify, extract and analyse qualitative and quantitative data
  • design and conduct surveys, and analyse and interpret results
  • undertake literature reviews and analyse existing data sources
  • understand complex policy and program environments, including multiple layers of government or agencies
  • manage sensitive policy issues involving consultation with vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Our policy work covers numerous fields including energy, health, education, infrastructure, transport and communications, legal affairs, addressing Indigenous disadvantage, environmental protection, arts, heritage, national security and social welfare.

Our clients include numerous Commonwealth and State government departments, community organisations, universities, and private sector bodies such as the Business Council of Australia.  In many cases our clients have chosen to release ACIL Allen Consulting reports in the public domain to help inform discussion and debate on policy. Our policy reports are widely quoted in parliamentary inquiries and in the media.

For further information about policy analysis and development, please contact Marianne Lourey