Expert witness and litigation support services

Robust economic analysis can be a decisive factor in support of competition and trade practices litigation as well as in commercial arbitration processes.

The ability to combine in-depth industry expertise with highly-credible, rigorous and well-grounded analysis that can withstand critical scrutiny is essential for optimal outcomes in such situations. So too is the ability to work effectively alongside the client’s legal advisers, to present analytical results clearly and precisely, and to provide insightful, objective critical analysis of opposing expert submissions.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

ACIL Allen Consulting advises on a wide range of competition policy and trade practices matters such as mergers and acquisitions, misuse of market power, price fixing and other forms of collusion, third party access, and regulation. We are also experienced in providing expert support in commercial arbitration proceedings such as contractual price redeterminations.

Importantly, as experienced expert witnesses, we offer the ability to defend our analysis constructively and effectively under cross-examination at trial.

Our client services include:

  • submissions to regulatory bodies such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • reports, including analysis of market power
  • application of mathematical and statistical analysis to economic data
  • expert testimony in the Federal Court, competition and arbitration tribunals
  • litigation support
  • damage estimates
  • negotiations on court-enforceable undertakings.

Our clients include companies and regulators in the finance, media, telecommunications, energy, resources and transport industries, such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the NZ Commerce Commission, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, AirServices Australia, Federal Airports Corporation, the Australian Energy Market Commission, the National Energy Market and Management Company (NEMMCO), NT Power Generation, Optus, NBN Co, AGL, BHP Billiton, Esso Australia, Sony Music, the South Australian Ports Corporation, ABB Grain (now Viterra) and the WA Department of Transport. We have also worked with most of the major law firms and the Australian Government Solicitor.

For further information about expert witness and litigation support services, please contact Jerome Fahrer