Sustainability consultants

Australia is facing challenges with water, drought, climate change, urban congestion and economic uncertainty. Ensuring that we allow future generations to also meet the challenges they will face is key to Australia’s prosperity in the medium and long term.

The United Nations Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (the Brundtland Report) said sustainable development "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". The report also said that striking the right balance involved hard choices, and ultimately "sustainable development must rest on political will".

Both public and private sector organisations are increasingly taking sustainability issues into account. How organisations respond to the sustainability challenge affects their corporate reputation and their long-term success, and has wider societal impacts.

Challenges in promoting sustainable practices include:

  • addressing current needs while taking a longer-term view
  • using a wide range of tools to address complex problems
  • ensuring flexibility in businesses, policies and societies.

Economic analysis informed by up-to-date information and broad scenario forecasting helps organisations address current challenges while allowing them the flexibility to deal with future uncertainty.

With competition for scarce resources increasing, there are many groups engaged in intense debate on issues of sustainable development. In this dynamic environment decision makers need access to sound policy advice based on accurate data and reliable scenario forecasting.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

Economic, social and environmental wellbeing are recurring themes and outcomes in ACIL Allen Consulting’s policy analysis and development.

ACIL Allen Consulting’s advises government and private sector organisations on economic policy issues such as urban planning, natural resource use, and investment in social sustainability.

Policy outcomes affect services such as education and training, Indigenous affairs, community and health, and industries including water, energy, agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

ACIL Allen Consulting’s assists decision makers to deal effectively with sustainability issues through:

  • detailed modelling of population dynamics, resource use and carbon emissions at national and regional levels
  • community engagement tools and techniques
  • assessment of non-market values in key social and environmental policy areas
  • expertise in climate change mitigation and adaptation, natural resource management, energy markets and transport systems.

Our clients include the National Framework for Energy Efficiency Building Implementation Committee, the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, the Productivity Commission, the Business Roundtable on Climate Change, and the Australian Greenhouse Office.

For further information about our sustainability consulting services, please contact Jan Paul Van Moort