Public affairs - political, social and regulatory environments

Public affairs is the management function responsible for interpreting the future political, social and regulatory environment of an organisation, continuously integrating these assessments into the strategic planning process, and undertaking and supporting consequent organisational action.

ACIL Allen Consulting and the affiliated Centre for Corporate Public Affairs house Australia’s premier and most experienced public affairs management consulting team, which also works extensively in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Our consultants write, teach and speak internationally on best practice public affairs management in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Our consultants assist organisations to interact with and influence external operating environments through public affairs strategies and engaging with stakeholders.

This includes political and regulatory risk mitigation, issues management and public policy advocacy, stakeholder research and engagement, internal and external communication, corporate social responsibility and issues management.

How ACIL Allen Consulting can help you

We work with our clients to strengthen their capability to understand the key drivers of the market and non-market environment, especially in light of changing community and stakeholder expectations, globalisation and rapid developments in online communications, including social media.

Key consulting services include:

  • organisational effectiveness and structural reviews
  • public affairs management performance reviews, including capability assessments
  • strategy review and development
  • stakeholder issues and reputation research and analysis
  • measurement and reporting development
  • issues management and socio-political risk reviews
  • public advocacy reviews
  • facilitation of strategy, planning and policy development
  • professional development for corporate public affairs
  • mentoring corporate public affairs development
  • corporate reputation measurement
  • corporate governance and ethics reviews.

Our clients include top 100 Australian and Asian companies, multinational firms and industry associations, government business enterprises and government departments.

For further information about public affairs, please contact Wayne Burns